Chapter 1: Welcome to Fawnermere

Chrissy moves into the dorms of Fawnermere and meets some very interesting roommates.
Sep 19, 2009Rascals Pg 0

Chapter 2: Enter Mr. Suave

A suave student teacher has Chrissy in his sites. As plans for a romantic date with Chrissy goes awry.
Nov 11, 2009Rascals Pg 18

Chapter 3: Enter Jazmin

Reiko’s younger sister Jazmin hits the scene to challenger her to prove that she is the ultimate ninja.
Jan 08, 2010Rascals Pg 34

Chapter 4: Surfs Up

The gang hits the beach for some R&R but in the shadows, there lies some embarrassing photos of Reiko and Jazmin past
Apr 26, 2010Rascals Pg 58

Chapter 5 : Liona on the scene

Liona, A childhood fling from Quicks past makes the scene that sends Chrissy into another jealous fit.
Apr 08, 2011Rascals Pg 120

Chapter 6: A Dramatic Exit

After Chrissy’s over dramatic exit the girls try to help her patch things up with Quick. while a mysterious person from Chrissy’s past drops in.
Sep 02, 2011Rascals Pg 137

Chapter 7: School Daze

Chrissy shares a traumatizing experience she went through during her high school days. Also, Jazmin is pressured to sire grandkids for mother dearest.
Jul 05, 2012Rascals Pg 155

Chapter 8: The spice must flow

The girls try to help Liona with a very saucy scene for her next movie then, the gang takes a trip to a hot spring resort to enter Naomi’s fighting game tournament.
Jan 03, 2013Rascals Pg 180

Chapter 9: Bun in the oven?

Liona has been feeling unwell lately and Chrissy wonders if she is pregnant.
May 29, 2014Rascals Pg 248

Chapter 10: A new fighter in the ring

Enter Isabella a strong woman who knows what she wants and Reiko is in her sights.
Jul 31, 2014Rascals Pg 274

Chapter 11: A new Love Interest

Quick and Jazmin learn more on the feelings they have for each other while Chrissy returns back home to connect with old friends also a three-way relationship is made under influence of alcohol.
Aug 26, 2014Rascals Pg 300

Chapter 12: Pupper family

Months later, Liona and Nick visits Nick’s family. And Nick and Liona welcome their two twins into the world.
Oct 07, 2014Rascals Pg 342

Chapter 13: Look to the future

After Graduation Skye wants to take his relationship with Reiko more seriously. But Reiko is afraid that having a family with be dangerous.
Nov 05, 2014Rascals Pg 371

Chapter 14: New beginnings

After Reiko takes an exit Amanda seeks to see if she can fill her top spot and TailZ. Zoey returns and connects with Chrissy to give her some advice to be Quick’s number one choice if it ever came down to him having to choose who he wants to be with. Also enter Shiro Jazmin’s fiancé?!
Feb 05, 2015Rascals Pg 463

Chapter 15: Love and peace

Amanda first day on the job makes her new enemies but also a new friend. Quick has a fun and very steamy night with Chrissy followed by another with Raven. And Chrissy and Amanda finally bury the hatchet.
Feb 27, 2015Rascals Pg 485

Chapter 16: Battle of the Sexes

Quick is in hot water when Chrissy finds out he had sex with Raven. Shiro finally comes clean with Jazmin.